A cataract is a clouding of the normally clear lens of your eye. Looking through a cloudy lens is like trying to see through a frosty or fogged-up window. Clouded vision can make it more difficult to read, drive a car — especially at night — or see the expression on a friend's face. Cataracts commonly affect distance vision and cause problems with glare. They generally don't cause irritation or pain.

Most cataracts develop slowly and don't disturb your eyesight early on. But as the clouding progresses, the cataract eventually interferes with your vision. Early on, stronger lighting and eyeglasses can help you deal with vision problems. But if impaired vision jeopardizes your normal lifestyle, you might need surgery. Fortunately, cataract removal is generally a safe, effective procedure.

No-Stitch Cataract Surgery

cataractsNo-stitch cataract removal is one of the most modern surgical procedures in Houston, Texas. It is quick (10-15 minutes), efficient, painless, and does not require sutures. This speeds the recovery process and eliminates the nuisances associated with suture erosion and removal.

With this method, ultrasound technology is used to remove the cataract, and a special lens is implanted through an incision smaller than is required in traditional cataract surgery. The cloudy lens can be removed through an incision as small as 1/6 of an inch wide! The cataract is dissolved and vacuumed out through this small incision. A soft, foldable intraocular lens is then inserted, allowing clear, focused light to reach the retina. A valve-like construction of the tiny surgical opening allows it to self-seal so stitches are not required.

Most patients experience a rapid return to good vision following no-stitch/small incision cataract surgery in Houston. In many cases, patients are able to see relatively well without glasses the day following surgery. Fast healing and a quick return to an active lifestyle is one of the popular appeals of no-stitch/small incision cataract surgery.

For most patients, the potential benefits of no-stitch cataract surgery in Houston include:

• No stitches — the tiny incision seals by itself
• Topical anesthesia provides a rapid recovery
• Clear vision returns almost immediately
• Less chance of surgically-induced astigmatism
• Fewer visits for follow-up care
• Little, if any, discomfort

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